commit 80946af5cd429ebce0fdf49bd8381f92e06ce551
Author: Victor Lowther <victor.lowther@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Oct 21 07:56:04 2021 -0500

    perf(transact): Bump timeout transaction acquisition.

    1 minute is too short on a heavily loaded system.  Bump the timeout
    for acquiring a transaction and acquiring locks on items to 10 minutes

    This is a stopgap while we to root cause analysis on the performance
    issues that are causing transaction acquisition to back up past a minute.

M   backend/requestTracker.go

commit ce5021ea88c85802e135a9137717275fae634433
Author: Victor Lowther <victor.lowther@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Oct 21 07:15:37 2021 -0500

    fix(abort) Trim down what abort.log holds.

    The abort.log inclided detailed memory usage information that in
    retrospect we never used.  Jettison it, and also stop trying to write
    the abort data to stderr as well as abort.log.

M   server/args.go

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