commit 8fcaf425491446913c91c0a67ed7e580d8e1903d
Author: Victor Lowther <victor.lowther@gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Sep 30 10:04:36 2022 -0500

    fix(ipmi/quirks): Refactor IPMI quirk support.

    IPMI quirk handling was a hodgepodge from the original Digital Rebar.
    Refactor it from a YAML blob processed by some hideous bash into some
    less hideous JSON processed by bash and jq.

A   cmds/ipmi/content/params/ipmi-quirklist.yaml
M   cmds/ipmi/content/tasks/ipmi-configure.yaml
M   cmds/ipmi/content/tasks/ipmi-inventory.yaml
M   cmds/ipmi/content/templates/ipmi-load-quirks.sh.tmpl
M   cmds/ipmi/content/templates/ipmi-process-quirks.sh.tmpl
A   cmds/ipmi/content/templates/ipmi-quirks.json.tmpl
D   cmds/ipmi/content/templates/ipmi-quirks.yaml.tmpl

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