commit e110e7014d2ac35543819d23d37b19c93371c5dc
Author: Shane Gibson <shane@rackn.com>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 12:28:08 2022 -0800

    fix(drp-community-content): backport linux specific task fixes for 'universal-runbook' workflow

M   content/tasks/gohai.yaml
M   content/tasks/set-machine-ip-joinup.yaml
M   content/tasks/ssh-access.yaml
M   content/tasks/update-pipeline.yaml

commit 37d0caccb824ed4d5593f12eab7c260d38f1e9a5
Author: Victor Lowther <victor.lowther@gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 12:26:04 2022 -0600

    fix(bootorder): Split UEFI boot order fixup into 2 parts.

    The first part wil run in Sledgehammer or during the OS install
    process and will record what the BootCurrent UEFI variable points at.

    The second part will reorder the UEFI boot order to put the recorded
    entry first.

A   content/params/current-boot-entry-fullpath.yaml
A   content/params/current-boot-entry.yaml
M   content/stages/discover.yaml
A   content/stages/record-current-uefi-boot-entry.yaml
A   content/stages/set-uefi-boot-order.yaml
A   content/tasks/record-current-uefi-boot-entry.yaml
A   content/tasks/reorder-uefi-boot-order.yaml

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