23.1.9. 1200 Start Remote Access Overview

  • Id: 1200

  • Time: 5 Minutes

  • Enabled: Yes

  • Difficulty: introductory

  • Tags: ssh, remote

  • Concepts: machines Objective

Start Guacd Service to Allow Remote SSH Access to Systems

Business ROI Prerequisites

Required Labs:

  • 1005

Addtional Checklist Items:

  • Ensure an SSH server is running on the DRP endpoint (required for testing)

  • Ensure the SSH port (22) is open for in-bound access (required for testing) Remote Access Setup Make sure the DRP Endpoint Machine is in unlocked
  1. Click the Unlock Object Button on the top right

    If Lock Object is present, then the machine is already unlocked.

    When a machine is locked, it is in a Read Only state and changes cannot be made. Add the bootstrap-guacd Profile to the DRP Endpoint’s machine
  1. Click the + icon by the Profiles line

    Skip to the next step if bootstrap-guacd is already in the list.

  2. Type and select bootstrap-guacd Re-run the bootstrap process
  1. Select the Activity Tab

  2. Click the Select Blueprint button and select by typing rebootstrap-drp

  3. Click Apply Wait for the bootstrap process to finish.
  1. Watch the Activity Tab for the WorkOrder to complete

    The DRP endpoint machine should finish all tasks. Validation Validate guacd-service is running
  1. Navigate to the Resource Brokers view to the `guacd-service <https://portal.rackn.io/#/e/>`__

  2. There should be a running and pending Work Order. Connect to the DRP Endpoint with SSH
  1. Navigate to the Machines table

  2. Open the editor for the DRP endpoint by clicking the name of the endpoint

  3. Click the Remote button in upper right

    An active SSH session should start from within the Portal Alternative Setup

  1. Add --initial-profiles=bootstrap-guacd to the install.sh line in Lab 1000 (Install Digital Rebar)

    The Remote Access System can be configured at install time