23.1.1. 1000 Install Digital Rebar Overview

  • Id: 1000

  • Time: 15 Minutes

  • Enabled: Yes

  • Difficulty: introductory

  • Tags: core

  • Concepts: install

Video Link Objective

Install your own Digital Rebar test server

Business ROI Unlike multi-tenant SaaS, Digital Rebar is user operated software: you’ll never have to open your firewall for us, share sensitive information or upload access credentials. Prerequisites

None Install Digital Rebar Provision a Machine

Acquire a machine from your Virtual Machine Manager or Cloud Provider console.

These steps are also found in the cloud install guide.

  1. Instantiate a Linux machine with a recent version (most major variants are supported)

  2. Have access to the Internet

    No access? see Air Gap install

  3. Provide at least 2 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM for a lab system

  4. Make sure it has inbound access to SSH (22) and ports 8090-8092

    For example, use

    firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=22/tcp --add-port=8090-8092/tcp && firewall-cmd --reload
    firewall-cmd --add-port=22/tcp --add-port=8090-8092/tcp && firewall-cmd --reload
  5. Note the public IP address of the new instance

  6. SSH to your new cloud instance Install Digital Rebar Choose the an install method
  1. Run the following

    curl -fsSL get.rebar.digital/stable | sudo bash -s -- install --universal Alternative options

Common additional install flags include




Sets the install version to the latest instead of the current stable


Adds a new super user to the endpoint


Sets the password for the current user (rocketskates) or the new user if specified.


Removes the current rocketskates user if different than –drp-user


Sets the ID of the DRP Endpoint at install time Login and Register

You can login when you see the Digital Rebar version after Waiting for dr-provision to start completes

  1. Visit your server’s API url

    https://[public|access IP address]:8092

  2. Accept the unsigned certificate

    This must be done initially until you install a signed certificate.

  3. Login using the system username and password

    Default is rocketskates and r0cketsk8ts

  4. Complete the license form to create your license

    Or, upload your license if you’ve already created one. Explore your system

We have a library of interactive labs to continue your journey!

  1. Visit Info and Preferences page to review the System Bootstrapping Wizard

    If you are using the default password, follow the “Change Default Password” link in the Wizard

  2. On the Machines page, observe the self-runner machine that was created during the installation to process

    If you have loggged in before installation completes, you can observe Digital Rebar completing the bootstrapping process. workflows for your Digital Rebar service.

  3. On the Jobs page, observe the jobs that were run during the universal bootstrap process to setup the machine

  4. On the Catalog page, check out the versions of all the components in use by Digital Rebar

    If you used stable to install, you can upgrade to tip for the latest code from this page.

  5. Visit the License Manager page, to extend your no-obligation trial license for a 30 days