20.71. kb-00068: No YUM or APT packages for Digital Rebar

20.71.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00068

20.71.2. Description

RackN does NOT maintain yum or apt packages for Digital Rebar.

There are several reasons that motivate this decision:

  • Digital Rebar installation includes many content and plugin dependencies can versions that are not comprehended in those packaging mechanisms. You can see how we manage the catalog of components in repo.rackn.io.

  • Digital Rebar itself is just a single binary and does not require additional packaging

  • Digital Rebar needs to be installable before any other components or networking are available. Consult the Air Gap Install Instructions to better understand how to manage installation without available networking.

  • Operators looking for “one command” installs seem to prefer Container (aka Docker) packaging. Consult Container Install (Docker/Podman) for details.

20.71.3. Solution

RackN has no plans to revisit this decision, please use install.sh script to perform the installation, you may provide a local digitalrebar.zip.

20.71.4. Additional Information

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See Production Install for product installation options. Versions

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