20.54. kb-00053: Updating Sledgehammer

20.54.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00053

20.54.2. Description

Periodically, the drp-community-content will be updated with newer sledgehammer images. This is particularly true with the v4.5.0 and v4.6.0 releases, because Sledgehammer is updating from Centos 7 to Centos 8. This is sometimes referred as Sledge8 or SL8.

Also, sledgehammer will be updated with security fixes or other fixes that will also require an update.

This leads to: How do you update sledgehammer?

20.54.3. Solution

There are a couple of drpcli commmands that can be used to help with this setup.

To update the default sledgehammer iso image, you can use this command:

drpcli bootenvs uploadiso sledgehammer

This will get the appropriate sledgehammer image. You can use the -D parameter if an external http proxy is needed to access the internet.

Additionally, in the v4.6.0 release, profiles to choose different versions of sledgehammer are provided in the drp-community-content pack. This will enable you to track a specific release version of sledgehammer. There will NOT be a profile per release, but a new profile will be added when a release adds a new sledgehammer.

These profiles use the Customization using bootenv-customize system to override the default sledgehammer. By adding one of these profile to the global profile, the system will use that sledgehammer for all systems. Individual known systems can be overridden by applying the profile to the machine directly.

Some examples of these profiles are:

  • sledgehammer-centos8-v4.6.0 - Secure Boot capable Centos8-based sledgehammer

  • sledgehammer-centos7-v4.6.0 - Secure Boot capable Centos7-based sledgehammer

  • sledgehammer-centos7-v4.5.0 - Secure Boot capable Centos7-based sledgehammer (from the v4.5.0 release)

  • sledgehammer-centos8-full-v4.6.0 - Sledgehammer with more drivers (but not Secure Boot capable)

To help with iso downloading, the profile can be used to retrieve the iso with a command like this:

drpcli profiles uploadiso sledgehammer-centos8-full-v4.6.0

20.54.4. Additional Information

Additional resources and information related to this Knowledge Base article. See Also Versions

  • DRP v4.6.0 or newer for sledgehammer helper profiles

  • DRP v4.5.0 or newer for profile iso uploader Keywords

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