20.24. kb-00023: Nested Templates (or “Sub-templates”)

Knowledge Base Article: kb-00023

20.24.1. Description

Understanding how to use templates nested inside of other templates (eg “sub-templates).

20.24.2. Solution

The Golang templating language does not provide a call-out to include another template. However, at RackN, we’ve added the ability to include nested templates (sometimes referred to as sub-templates). In any content piece that is valid to use the templating capabilities, simply use the following Template construct to refer to another template. The template referred to will be expanded inline in the calling template.

The nested template example below calls the template named (oddly enough) nested.tmpl.

{{template "nested.tmpl" .}}

# or alternatively:

{{$templateName := (printf "part-seed-%s.tmpl" (.Param "part-scheme")) -}}
{{.CallTemplate $templateName .}}

The template construct is a text string that refers to a given template name which exists already.

The CallTemplate construct can be a variable or expression that evaluates to a string.

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