20.12. kb-00011: Using Table/Text Output Formatters

20.12.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00011

20.12.2. Description

By default, Digital Rebar Platform provides returned output in JSON format. It’s possible to have the returned format converted to YAML via the use of --format=yaml. In addition, more “human readable” output formats can be specified. This article describes how to produce human readable table output.


This feature is experimental and minimally implemented. If you have issues or enhancements related to this featuere, please contact RackN or file a new Github issue

20.12.3. Solution

To access the human readable format output, use the --format flag to the drpcli command line tool.

drpcli --format table ...
# or
drpcli --format text ...

These output formats can be configured by setting environment shell variables, or use of the .drpclirc (see: Knowledge Base Article: kb-00010) file for setting default usage.

The shell environment variables are as follows.

———————- —————————————————————————- value notes ———————- —————————————————————————- RS_FORMAT command line output format to use (json,yaml,text,table) RS_PRINT_FIELDS comma separate list of fields to show in output “table” or “text” format RS_NO_HEADER remove the header fields from “table” or “text” format output RS_TRUNCATE_LENGTH limits the length of fields displayed for “table” or “text” output formats ———————- —————————————————————————-

Examples of setting environment variables:
export RS_FORMAT=table
export RS_PRINT_FIELDS=Name,Uuid,Workflow,Stage,BootEnv
export RS_NO_HEADER=true
Examples of drpcli usage:
drpcli subnets list --format table
drpcli machines list --format table --print-fields Name,Uuid,Workflow,Stage,BootEnv --no-header
drpcli machines list --format table --print-fields Name,Uuid,Workflow,Stage,BootEnv
drpcli profiles list --format table --truncate-length 30
drpcli machines params Name:jane --format=table --truncate-length=120
drpcli extended -l endpoints list --format table --truncate-length 30

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