20.8. kb-00007: Example Docker Volume Usage

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20.8.2. Description

Digital Rebar Provision writes content in the Docker Container to the /provision/drp-data directory by default. Most DRP Endpoint provisioning systems will want to have persistent data across the container runtimes. For this, you need to add a Docker Volume. The below example shows you how to use the local Docker host as the backing store for the volume. You can also use any of the container based networked storage solutions to back your volume in.


The install.sh script has options to create/start DRP as a container service. It also will created a backing data store volume by default. This information is for operators who wish to customize their Volume usage scenario.

20.8.3. Solution

Managing Docker volumes with dr-provision service to back the data stores.

  1. Create a volume for the container

export VOL="drp-data"

# create a Docker volume
docker volume create $VOL
  1. Let’s verify that the volume is currently empty

docker volume inspect $VOL | jq '.[].Mountpoint'
# outputs:
# "/docker/volumes/drp-data/_data"

# show the contents of the current (empty) volume
ls -la $(docker volume inspect $VOL | jq -r '.[].Mountpoint')
# total 0
# drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root  40 Aug 21 00:41 .
# dr-xr-x===. 1 root root 180 Aug 21 00:41 ..
  1. Launch DRP, using our newly created volume:

# now run DRP with our volume mapped to /provision/drp-data:
docker run --volume $VOL:/provision/drp-data --name drp -itd --net host digitalrebar/provision:stable
  1. Verify that DRP extracted the assets on the host in the mounted volume location:

# when DRP starts up, it extracts and builds the default assets
# in the writable backing store (directory structure):
ls $(docker volume inspect drp-data | jq -r '.[].Mountpoint')
# outputs:
# digitalrebar  job-logs  plugins  replace  saas-content  secrets  tftpboot  ux

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