20.4. kb-00003: Bind Error

20.4.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00003

20.4.2. Description

The Digital Rebar Provision service (dr-provision) failed to start up. I received an error about address already in use.

20.4.3. Solution

Digital Rebar Provision will fail if it cannot attach to one of the required ports.

  • Typical Error Message: “listen udp4 :67: bind: address already in use”

  • Additional Information: The conflicted port will be included in the error between colons (e.g.: :67:)

  • Workaround: If the conflicting service is not required, simply disable that service

  • Resolution: Stop the offending service on the system. Typical corrective actions are:

    • 67 - dhcp. Correct with sudo pkill dnsmasq

See the port mapping list on start-up of the dr-provision service for a complete list.

Once dr-provision is running, you can obtain a list of the ports that it’s holding open with the following CLI command:

  • drpcli info status

20.4.4. Additional Information

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