26. Fun Facts

26.1. The Rebar Analogy

We feel strongly about the rebar and reinforced data center analogy.

Rebar is steel (metal) that is embedded into reinforced concrete to make it structurally durable. It was an essential innovation that allows building cloudscraping towers and more robust infrastructure.

Digital rebar provides a similar underlaying framework to reinforce data centers.

26.2. The (Re)bar Second Meaning

Rebar is also a nod to our Crowbar history. The project founders were the original Crowbar founders. In very practical terms, the Digital Rebar project is a reimagined implementation of Crowbar.

Rebar also works as a reference to the “bare metal” physical infrastructure that Digital Rebar focused on automating.

26.3. Our Metal Bear Mascot

The Digital Rebar mascot is a metal bear named Cloudia. She loves bare metal infrastructure but is not as crazy about heavy metal music.

There are three ways that Cloudia appears: floading on a cloud, as a bear alone and just her head.

26.4. First Commit

The first code commit to Digital Rebar was made by Greg Althaus on Feb 8, 2017. It was appropriately titled “first commit” and set the README.md to “# rocket-skates”.

26.5. Rocket Skates?

Rocket Skates was the working name for Digital Rebar Provision during initial development. Since they are fast and powerful boots, it seemed like a natural name for a Cobbler replacement.

Code name Rocket Skates