22.37. packet-ipmi - Packet.net API

The following documentation is for Packet.net API (packet-ipmi) content package at version .

22.37.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. packet/always-pxe

This parameter indicates if the node should always pxe. packet/api-key

The API implies the user and the Project that the plugin will act as. packet/facility

This parameter describes the Packet facility for this node. packet/import-existing

This parameter tells the plugin to import existing VMs or not. packet/ipxe-script-url

This parameter is the URL of the default ipxe file. If unspecified, the option will default to the current DRP endpoint default.ipxe file. packet/name

This parameter is the name to use for the packet machine. packet/plan

This parameter is the Packet plan for this machine. packet/project-id

This parameter describes the Packet Project ID for this node. packet/sos

This parameter is the ssh hostname to use to access the serial console of this machine. packet/uuid

This parameter is used by the Packet IPMI Plugin to access the API workflows

The content package provides the following workflows. discover-packet

This workflow is the most basic provisioning process for DRP when using PacketHost.

REMINDER: Change the DefaultWorkflow to use this workflow in PacketHost!

Similar to discover-base except that it adds the packet-discover stage.

!!! note

To enable, upload Sledgehammer as per the sledgehammer BootEnv