22.35. packet-ipmi - Packet.net API

The following documentation is for Packet.net API (packet-ipmi) content package at version v4.6.12.

22.35.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. packet/plan

This parameter is the Packet plan for this machine. packet/project-id

This parameter describes the Packet Project ID for this node. packet/sos

This parameter is the ssh hostname to use to access the serial console of this machine. packet/uuid

This parameter is used by the Packet IPMI Plugin to access the API packet/name

This parameter is the name to use for the packet machine. packet/always-pxe

This parameter indicates if the node should always pxe. packet/api-key

The API implies the user and the Project that the plugin will act as. packet/facility

This parameter describes the Packet facility for this node. packet/import-existing

This parameter tells the plugin to import existing VMs or not. packet/ipxe-script-url

This parameter is the URL of the default ipxe file. If unspecified, the option will default to the current DRP endpoint default.ipxe file. workflows

The content package provides the following workflows. discover-packet

This workflow is the most basic provisioning process for DRP when using PacketHost.

REMINDER: Change the DefaultWorkflow to use this workflow in PacketHost!

Similar to discover-base except that it adds the packet-discover stage.

NOTE: To enable, upload Sledgehammer as per the sledgehammer BootEnv