22.27. hpe-support - HPE Support

The following documentation is for HPE Support (hpe-support) content package at version v4.12.0-alpha00.78+gc037aaa40eb3ad853690ce178f9ab8a5bae4c436.

22.27.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. hpe-firmware-token

HPE requires that you have a valid support contract to download firmware updates for their ProLiant servers. This token, which can be generated at <https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/entitlement-token-service/generate> is required to be able to download updates from the firmware update repositories hpe-ilo-unwedge-count

This tracks the number of times the system has needed to unwedge the ilo while configuring the machine. hpe-ilorest-configuration

This parameter defines a list of templates that should be applied to the system in order.

The template field is a string that references a name of a template in the system to render. The content field is a string that is the data to apply to the system. The method field is a string that is either rawpatch or load. It dictates which method of ilorest should be used.

An item should have a template or a content field, but not both. hpe-repo-urls

HPE systems require some base tooling to fully enable remote management and low-level hardware management. The repository that this URL points at should provide the HP SUM tooling and the SSA tooling for managing RAID controllers. You can use the usual YUM variables here, along with “$hpe_gen” for generation specific tooling. hpe-repo-versions

Depending on your update and audit requirements, you may not want to track the current release of the HPE tooling and firmware update bundles. This param allows you to override the versions of the tooling you are using on a repo by repo basis.

If an enrty is omitted, it will default to ‘current’. hpe-system-gen

This tracks the generation of HPE ProLiant gear that the running system is. We do this because HPE organizes their tooling and firmware updates according to the system generation.

Current known generations are:

  • g7

  • gen8

  • gen9

  • gen10

Generation will be determined automatically using the following code:

dmidecode |gawk ‘match($0, /Product Name:.* ([Gg]7|[Gg]en[0-9]+)/, m) { print tolower(m[1]); exit}’ tasks

The content package provides the following tasks. hpe-ilo-reset

HPE iLOs have a tendancy to get stuck, and not function correctly in many situations. If you are having issues configuring the HPE iLO, you may need to run this recovery task to ensure you reset the iLO back to a known good working state.

!!! note

This workflow RESETS the HPE iLO to the Param specified username and password pair in the “ipmi/username” and “ipmi/password” Params. If no values are specified, the iLO will not add a new user to the iLO. hpe-ilorest-config

This task provides a function that will use ilorest to apply a set of files iteratively. This will keep track of errors and if the system needs to reboot or the ilo needs to be rebooted.

Each entry in the hpe-ilorest-configuration parameter will be applied. The final actions will be reboot the ilo and wait for it to come back. The system will be rebooted if needed.

The task assumes that it can be run repeatedly and that ilorest will notify if changes are needed. hpe-ilorest-inventory

This task provides a function that will use ilorest to gather inventory information for firmware versions.

This will populate the flash-inventory parameter. hpe-tools-install

Install HPE tooling from appropriate yum repositories