22.24. flash - Firmware Flash

The following documentation is for Firmware Flash (flash) content package at version v4.11.0-alpha00.69+g6fdc0a93b761e2a35c704a1d9fae2f0cd104db20.

22.24.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. flash-allow-downgrades

This parameter allows the system to downgrade components if the vendor allows it.

This applies to DELL flash updates.

This does NOT apply to the list flash method. flash-ignore-signatures

This parameter allows the system to ignore signatures if it is an option. This applies to DELL flash updates.

This does NOT apply to the list flash method. flash-lenovo-xcc-reboot-wait

This parameter defines the number of seconds to wait after an XCC reboot.

This defaults to 1 seconds.

OneCli handles this now. Leave the timeout just in case. flash-list

This parameter contains a list of files to retrieve and run against the system.

The list contains objects that specify a type (RPM or BIN) and a URL or file to retrieve the files directory.

If not specified, the system will attempt to update to the latest block release. If the list is empty, nothing is updated. flash-list-check-list

This parameter contains the list of files to applied to the system since the parameter was last cleared.

Being in this list will cause the image to be skipped. flash-list-force

This boolean flag allows the user to override the force flash list system to force the flash packages to the specified level. Normally, the system will not move backwards.

This will force the system backwards. flash-list-installed

This parameter contains the list of files to applied to the system the last time it ran. flash-list-installed-hash

The sha256sum of the flash list when it was installed. flash-manufacturer-override


This is a potentially dangerous thing to do. Only use this as a very last resort to force the Manufacturer to be identified for the flash process.

This Param allows the operator to override the default discovered Manufacturer for the flash process. Some system DMI data structures are not correclty filled out, and the flash process will fail.

First, verify that the gohai-inventory Param exists on the Machine object, and that the DMI --> System --> Manufacturer does not have a value set in it, or is not matching correctly. If there is no gohai-inventory param, run the Machine through a proper Discovery workflow first, then re-verify the Manufacturer value.

The flash system uses the following command to get the manufacturer from the DMI data:

  • drpcli gohai | jq -r '.DMI | .System | .Manufacturer'

The drpcli gohai command must be run on the target Machine.

In some cases, the vendor may iterate a different Manufacturer value than is tested for in the script. However, in these cases, please check with RackN to verify if the system is compatible with the Flash process.

Review the flash-discover task. Observe the BASH case $mfgr in statement for the exact values that are supported. Some possible examples include:

  • Dell Inc.

  • HP or HPE

  • Lenovo flash-method

This parameter defines the method to flash the system. The options are:

  • list - use the flash-list variable to define a list of items to flash.

  • block - Use the vendor appropriate block release automatic update tools.

  • list-then-block - Use list unless no list is specified then use block.

The default is list-then-block.