22.13. dell-support - Dell Support

The following documentation is for Dell Support (dell-support) content package at version v4.12.0-alpha00.78+gc037aaa40eb3ad853690ce178f9ab8a5bae4c436.

22.13.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. dell-dsu-base-url

The Dell System Update (DSU) repositories contain BIOS and firmware updates for all supported Dell servers (in the os_independent repo) as well as OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) (in the os_dependent repo).

You can find more information on DSU and the update process we take advantage of at https://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/dsu/

If the the firmware or BIOS components are mirrored, you can specify that location; however, the mirror structures must match the Dell repository layout.

If the Param dell-dsu-block-release is not set, then the Base URL will be used directly. If a specific block release is defined, then the trailing /dsu path part will be trimmed, and if not already specified, the block release version will be prefixed with DSU_.

This results in the following example scenarios:

  • dell-dsu-block-release = “” = http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/dsu

  • dell-dsu-block-release = “20.08.01” = http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/DSU_20.08.01

  • dell-dsu-block-release = “DSU_19.09.01” = http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/DSU_19.08.01 dell-dsu-block-release

Dell releases updates to its firmware on a block schedule (usually once a month) and the tooling assumes that all firmware in a block should be installed together. You can use this param to pin firmware and tools at a specific release, or you can leave it unspecified to allow tools and updates to be installed from the latest block release.

Block releases are named according to the following format:

  • YY.MM.NN


  • YY is the last two digits of the year

  • MM is the month

  • NN is the nth release in a month, starting at 00

An example value:

  • 20.08.01

Block release versions can be found at:

!!! note

The repo mirror directories contain the prefix DSU_ in front of the BlocK Release number. This will be automatically added, if not specified in the dell-dsu-block-release Param value. dell-dsu-mirror-debug

If set to true, then enable additional debug logging in the dell-dsu-repo-mirror task.

The default value is false. dell-dsu-mirror-path

The local filesystem path to save the Dell System Update (DSU) block releases mirror data to.

By default, the path is set to a Digital Rebar Provision default Files server filesystem path (/var/lib/dr-provision/tftpboot/files/flash). Note that the Vendor name (dell) we be appended to the Path. dell-dsu-mirror-releases

The Dell System Update (DSU) block releases that should be mirrored to the local target Machines filesystem.

Mirrors based on the dell-dsu-base-url Param setting, which defaults to http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/dsu.

If no values are set, only the most current DSU Block Release will be mirrored.

The dell-dsu-skip-dsu Param if set to true will override, and skip mirroring the DSU Block Releases. Only PGP Keys will be mirrored in that case. dell-dsu-skip-keys

If set to true, then the Dell DSU mirror process will skip downloading the most recent copies of the PGP keys. Only DSU Block Releases will be downloaded.

The default value is false. dell-dsu-skip-releases

If set to true, then the Dell DSU mirror process will skip downloading any Block releaseses. Only PGP keys will be downloaded.

The default value is false. stages

The content package provides the following stages. dell-dsu-repo-mirror

This stage mirrors the Dell DSU repository with BIOS and Firmware packages. It is intended to mirror to the local disk, on the target machine that the Stage is run on.

The target directory should be an accessible HTTP location path, that subsequent use of the Flash or BIOS tooling can use as a mirror.

If the target machine is a DRP Endpoint, then the builtin HTTP File server can be used. This is the default path value for the dell-dsu-mirror-path Param.

By default, the most current version of BIOS/Firmware packages will be mirrored. Specific Block Releases can be specified via use of the dell-dsu-mirror-releases Param. See the Param documentation for additional details.