22.2. agent - DRP Agents in Kubernetes

The following documentation is for DRP Agents in Kubernetes (agent) content package at version .

The agent plugin adds the ability to create and delete Pods in Kubernetes.

The pods are intended to be DRP Runners that can act on behalf of other systems. The plugin does NOT require kubernetes installations on the DRP endpoint. It is a kubernetes client.

The default operation is like the other ipmi-based plugins. Creating a machine with the machine-plugin parameter set to the name of the Agent plugin will create pod with the same name in the supplied Kubernetes cluster. The cluster must be managed by KRIB and is specified in the agent/k8s-cluster parameter.

Additionally, a system action, agentStart is provided to create agents as well.

The POD will be destroyed if the machine is destroy. If the POD is destroyed in kubernetes, the machine will be destroyed in DRP.

22.2.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. agent/k8s-profile

Specifies the Kubernetes Profile in DRP that defines the cluster the agents should run in. agent/name

This will be used as the name of the pod in kubernetes. it will also turn into the hostname of the machine object in DRP. agent/type

The Type of Agent.

This can be base for just a runner. It could also be switch for a switch manager. It could also be storage for a storage manager.