24.4. BankN Environment

This describes the environment of BankN. Not necessarily the demo environment.

24.4.1. BankN DRP Endpoint Layout

digraph drp_layout { bgcolor=cyan; subgraph cluster_0 { fillcolor=lightgreen style=filled; mgr_test [fillcolor=lightpink style=filled label="Manager Test"]; dev1_test [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Dev1 Test"]; dev2_test [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Dev2 Test"]; devn_test [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="DevN Test"]; scale_test [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Scale Test Env"]; mgr_test -> dev1_test; mgr_test -> dev2_test; mgr_test -> devn_test; mgr_test -> scale_test; label="Test"; } subgraph cluster_1 { label = "Prod"; fillcolor=lightyellow style=filled; mgr_prod [fillcolor=lightpink style=filled label="Manager Prod"]; us_prod [fillcolor=yellow style=filled label="US Prod"]; amea_prod [fillcolor=yellow style=filled label="AMEA Prod"]; apac_prod [fillcolor=yellow style=filled label="APAC Prod"]; china_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="China Prod"]; japan_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Japan Prod"]; aus_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Austraila Prod"]; us_east_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="US East Prod"]; us_west_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="US West Prod"]; us_mid_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="US Midwest Prod"]; bel_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Belgium Prod"]; uk_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="UK Prod"]; italy_prod [fillcolor=lightblue style=filled label="Italy Prod"]; mgr_prod -> us_prod; mgr_prod -> amea_prod; mgr_prod -> apac_prod; apac_prod -> china_prod; apac_prod -> japan_prod; apac_prod -> aus_prod; us_prod -> us_east_prod; us_prod -> us_west_prod; us_prod -> us_mid_prod; amea_prod -> bel_prod; amea_prod -> uk_prod; amea_prod -> italy_prod; } subgraph { rank = same; mgr_test; mgr_prod; } mgr_test -> mgr_prod [label="Airgapped"]; }