24.1. BankN Demo Setup

Look at the demo-setup repo for specific details on setting up the demo.

24.1.1. demo-setup

Tools for setting up the BankN demo.

Use these tools and the docs to setup the demo. Requirements

  • Create a linode or AWS system to act as the main manager.

    • CentOS Stream 8

    • Dedicated 4GB

    • Make sure curl is installed Staging

Before you start, review these items:

  • If you have a license file, place it in the root directory as rackn-license.json.

    The license will be updated to include the endpoint, bankn-manager-1. This will be the top-level manager for this environment.

  • Configure cloud credentials for system to operate

    • LINODE - will use the credentials in ~/.linode/credentials

      This file just has the token as a single-ling string.

    • AWS - will use the credentials in ~/.aws/credentials

      This is an ini-like file. Something like this will be processed. Only one credential set is expected in the file.

      aws_access_key_id = MY_ACCESS_KEY_ID
      aws_secret_access_key = MY_ACCESS_KEY
    • Digital Ocean - will use the credentials in ~/.digitalocean/credentials

      This file just has the token as a single-ling string.

    • Oracle Cloud - will use the credentials in ~/.oci/config

      This file is a key value definition in the format key=value.

    • Google Cloud - will use the credentials in ~/.gconf/desktop/*.json

      This will choose the first file that matches ~/.gconf/desktop/*.json. The whole json blob will be added to the broker accessing Google Cloud.

    • PNAP - will use the credentials in ~/.pnap/config.yaml

      This file is a key value definition in the format of a top-level object.

      clientId: client_id
      clientSecret: my_client_secret
    • Azure - Assumes that the az tool is installed and already logged in.

      This will assume that the az tool has been logged in and can query the current user information.



To get started, run (change mydemo to your string prefix, no spaces):

curl -fsSL https://gitlab.com/rackn/BankN/demo-setup/-/raw/v4/scripts/first-manager.sh | bash -s mydemo

Additional arguments can be added to the command line.

USAGE: scripts/first-manager.sh [ <prefix> ] [ <argument flags: see below> ]

  <prefix>                - The prefix to add to all created machines

  --debug=[true|false]    - Enables debug output
  --no-sudo               - Do not use "sudo" prefix on commands (assume you're root)
  --no-colors             - Installer output will have no terminal colors
                          - Define repo url for the demo-setup repo
                            The default is https://gitlab.com/rackn/BankN/demo-setup.git.
                          - Define the default broker for the system create resources in.
                            The default is linode-broker.

  |  argument flag:        def. value:      |  argument flag:        def. value:
  |  -------------------   ------------     |  ------------------    ------------
  |  debug               = false            |  demo-setup          = https://gitlab.com/rackn/BankN/demo-setup.git
  |  version (*)         = tip              |  default-broker      = linode-broker

  * version examples: 'tip', 'v4.6.3', 'v4.7.0-beta1.3', or 'stable'

  NOTE: By default, prerequisite packages will be installed if possible.  You must
        manually install these first on a Mac OS X system. Package names may vary
        depending on your operating system version/distro packaging naming scheme.

  REQUIRED: curl, git, jq


The default is to use the linode-broker and tip release. What Happens?

The first-manager.sh script installs DRP in the current machine at the specified version. The DRP server will have an endpoint id of bankn-manager-1 and high-availability id or bankn-manager.

The default admin user and password will be rocketskates and r0cketsk8tes. The UX can be accessed by https://<IP>:8092 where IP is the IP address of the endpoint.

The DRP endpoint will bootstrap into running as a manager downloading and setup up an initial catalog.

Once the server is bootstrapped, a work order is started on the server to do the rest of the setup. This is part of the blueprint, bankn-demo-setup.

The following event injected into the system start the whole process.

Type: bankn-demo-setup
Action: start
  demo-setup/prefix: $PREFIX
  demo-setup/drp-version: $DRP_VERSION
  demo-setup/default-broker: $DEFAULT_BROKER

24.2. BankN Layout

24.2.1. dc-layout

This repo defines the layout of the BankN Data Center Layout.

Making changes to the this content repo will trigger updates in the DRP endpoint to make that happen.

Changes to the dc-layout will cause new DRPS